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CGI Script Installation Center Terms

The price quoted for a script installation includes the following:

1.  Configuration of the paths, URL's, and the URI's necessary to make the script functional.
2.  Creation of necessary directories and files.
3.  Uploading of the script to the client's server.
4.  Setting the script and server permissions.
5.  Testing to insure a successful installation.
6.  We will send an email with the instructions on how to access your script.

The script will be installed in it's "out-of-the-box" format.  Any modifications or customizations are additional.  See below for additional information.

If the script does not work, the client will not be charged.

The client has a total of 1 week to review and test the script installation. Any problems found after this period will fall under billable time.

Editing of programming code by the client is not recommended.  Any time required to repair edits falls under billable time.  If you do edit code, make a backup first!

Additions or edits requested by the client different than the original agreement will require additional fees.

We are happy to sign NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) agreements.

All information provided to us by the client is confidential.


Customization Policies


If you are interested in having us customize any of your scripts, please e-mail us with your detailed project requirements at We will respond with our availability and a cost estimate.

Due to the enormous amount of requests that we receive for customizations, we have implemented the following customization policy:

  1. We make no guarantees as to our availability for customizations. At our option, we may provide customization services, but these services are on an as available basis.
  2. We require payment up front for customization projects. We will not do any work until we have received payment in advance.
  3. There are absolutely no refunds on customization projects under any circumstances. Therefore, please ascertain that the program can do what you want it to do and that you convey your wishes to us accurately before requesting any customization projects.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Additional questions can be directed to Tim Mousel at


Order an Installation

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