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I've got a great money making opportunity for you and your website.

Most website owners are already aware of the affiliate program offers. Affiliates can make 5% of every sale or 15% of every sale if there is a direct link to the Amazon site.

I can install a cgi script on your site that will allow you to earn 15% on EVERY sale whether you have a direct link to it or not. The Amazon scripts allow you to perform searches on Amazon's complete book list from within your site. All book links returned in a search are transformed from soft links (5% commission) to hardlinks (15% commission). There are two versions of the script, one for and searches the second for searches.

There is even an option to display a customized header and footer on the search results pages. This great feature allows you to display the results with a style the same as your site layout.

If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity, please follow the steps outlined below:
1. Become an Amazon affiliate by signing up here. 
If you are already an affiliate, jump to step 2.
2. Fill out the cgi script installation order form at The fee for installation is only $35. Please type your affiliate code in the comments box. This will ensure you receive your 15% commission from Amazon when sales are made from your site.
3. Get ready to increase the income your site will be generating!!

A sample of this script in action can be seen below. Enter your search in the search box.


Enter keywords... logo

A great resource for script ideas that can really add value to your site can be found at

If you need any scripts installed, let me know. I'd be happy to get your script up and running on your site.

Any questions can be directed to

Take care,

Tim Mousel
CGI Script Installation Center

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